Seattle Municipal Watersheds

The Seattle Municipal Watersheds incorporates region specific soil, climates, and estimated soil burn severity.

This work is sponsored by the Hazards SEES: Advancing Resilience to Compounding Disasters: An Integrated Natural-Human Systems Assessment of Wildfire Vulnerability Project (NSF Award #1520873)

Aggregated WEPP Results by Scenario

Current conditions and managements

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Current conditions with GRIDMET daily observed climates

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Current conditions with Future climates

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Wildfire – Eagle

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Wildfire – Norse

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Management-related aggregated WEPP results

Uniform high severity

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Uniform moderate severity

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Uniform low severity

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Uniform prescribed fire

Prescribed Fire

Summarized All Conditions

Tabled Results by Condition

Aggregated Outlet Summary Results (.csv)
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Aggregated Sediment Delivery Summary Results (.csv)

ESRI Shapefiles by Condition

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Current conditions and managements

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Simfire - Eagle

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Simfire - Norse

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